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Amtek Technology Price Increase and lead time delay Announcement

New Taipei City, Taiwan (2022.03.08) –


Thank you for your continued support for years and only your affirmation may keep Amtek moving and growing in the field.


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues and the influence extends as time goes on. Not only is the Russia affected by the following condemnations and sanctions from other countries but also the whole Europe. With the increasing uncertainty, the relating costs are raising especially in the field of the oil supply and transportation.


Besides, the current gold and copper price also go up. The gold price already climbed to US$1,972/OZ, the highest price within a year. The copper price is similar. The current copper price around US$10,000/ton is approaching the highest US$11,299 in last year. Nervously the end of this raising trend is still unpredictable.


In addition, the COVID-19 epidemic in the South China becomes serious. Although we did not see the necessity to lockdown area immediately, according to the government’s regulations it is still to provide the RT-PCR test report with 48 hours while moving in or out this area. This action indeed affects the efficiency of logistics and people flow. Consequently, the lead time will also become longer and the actual influence shall be depended on how serious the epidemic develops in future.


Therefore, Amtek kindly reminds our global customers to proceed your orders as soon as possible. We recommend customers to prepare and keep some stocks in advance, so that you can get the reasonable quotations. If possible, kindly check the new prices before issue the orders, otherwise Amtek might renew the prices before send out the sales confirmation.




Amtek Technology Co., LTD. was established in 1997 in Taipei, Taiwan led by CEO Charlo Chu. With rapidly service and excellent product quality and performance, Amtek has developed a leading company in Worldwide Electronics Market by only 22 years. Our main products include connectors, cable assemblies, terminal blocks, RF connectors and cabling which can be applied in smart phone, laptop, monitor, TV, STB and etc. Most importantly, Amtek also provides customized services to meet customers’ various requirements. Currently, Amtek owns 250 employees and five factories in Taiwan and China. Our ultimate goal is making EVERYWHERE AMTEK!