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AMTEK TECHNOLOGY informs medical products for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

New Taipei City, Taiwan (2020.04.17)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic already caused more than 2 million cases and 137,000 deaths globally which strongly impacted our daily life. With more and more infected patients, the demand of medical device and equipment are increasing dramatically. As an important role of the industry, Amtek is providing key products of medical application to help patients against Coronavirus (COVID-19), please refer to the list as below.


  1. Pin header, 2.54mm, straight, height 2.5mm
  2. Pin socket, 2.00mm, straight, height 4.3mm
  3. DVI connector with 24P, DIP type
  4. Wafer, 2.00mm, straight


We are all going through tough and difficult times now, Amtek is dedicated to working on our excellent products in order to contribute our efforts for human health and safety. Amtek will be with all of our global customers together to get through it. We sincerely hope all of our global customers and their families are safe and healthy.


Last but not least, Amtek Taiwan production line still have 15% capacity to support your urgent orders. Thank to the hardworking of Amtek staff, the production of delayed orders are done for 80%. The lead time is gradually recovered to the general delivery time now. However, due to the uncertainty of material, Amtek would like to ask our global customers to proceed your demand as soon as possible.


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