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AMTEK TECHNOLOGY Anti-Fraud Official Statement

New Taipei City, Taiwan (2020.05.20)

Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, a lot of people tend to work at home instead of office. This change could bring some bad outcomes from web. Amtek observes the increasing in the frequency of frauds and email scams recently. Therefore, Amtek would like to announce the official statement to our global customers as follows:

  1. Amtek WON’T change to new bank account information and inform our customers ONLY BY EMAIL. We WILL make an official statement.
  2. If receiving an email from us and its content is different than before, please check the email address first. Please note Amtek official email address format is Any other format DOES NOT belong to Amtek!
  3. To avoid phishing scams, Amtek highly recommend our customers to use telephone or communication apps to RECHECK with our sales team.
  4. To serve the best interests of our customers, Amtek also requests our suppliers to provide an official statement of changing to new bank account.

The method of frauds and scams are changing day by day which is hard for us to predict and prevent. Amtek announces the official statement to help our clients clarify these distinctions. As we insist, building and keeping a good and strong business relationship is our goal as always!


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