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Amtek Technology announced that Applying Fully Automatic Assembly Line to 1.27mm Pitch Selective Gold Plating Pin Headers

New Taipei City, Taiwan (2021.05.05) –

Amtek is pleased to announce that the fully automatic assembly line is applied to the pitch 1.27mm pitch selective gold plating pin headers.

From pin insertion, pin bending, insulator cutting, capping, flatness inspecting to reel packaging, the whole production flow for our selective gold plating pin headers is running without manual operations.


You can refer to the video on our website to know our production processes more directly.


The automatic assembly lines bring below advantages for our valuable customers:

※ Manpower saving

※ Cost reduction

※ Efficient production

※ Stable quality


It will carry the significant competitiveness to our valuable customers. If you have the demand of 1.27mm pitch pin headers with any thickness of selective gold plating, or are persecuted by the raising cost and lead time issues, do not hesitate to let us know.

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